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        The total length of this Camp is 6 weeks.


        Please read over the details on the Canine Camp as this camp will cover everything that the Canine Camp covers and more!


        The main difference is this Camp focuses heavily on off leash reliability in different contexts. We will show you the step by step process of weaning off of the use of the leash and how we teach your dogs to be better decision makers off leash. This camp will help you have more trust in your dog off leash and have a strong off leash recall.


        If you don’t have a fenced yard, have a lot of land, want to be able to recall your dogs from rabbits, squirrels etc or just love the idea of giving your dogs more off leash freedom in different places, this is the camp for you!


        This camp is $750 per week. Payments can be made weekly or bi-weekly with payment in full before the end of the training program. We highly encourage cash or a check.


*This Camp is not for behavior modification.

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