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        The total length for this camp is 4 weeks however your dogs only stay with us Monday-Friday.

Your dog's day will consist of multiple training sessions, a minimum of one play session & decompression time in their crate which is extremely important! 


        Your dogs stay with us in our homes and you will receive daily personalized videos of their progress as well as some photos posted on social media throughout the day. The videos will include detailed information about the training process and how it will apply to your home. Every Friday we will spend about an hour with you, showing you the ropes and ensuring that you feel confident about what to work on at home that weekend.  We encourage questions, updates & videos over the weekend so we can help you through anything you need and ensure you & your dogs success at home. We firmly believe that guaranteeing results at home is a scam because the success lies in you being able to apply what your dogs have learned at home.  What we CAN guarantee is that we will go above and beyond to make sure you are well educated on how to manage the behaviors we have taught your dogs.


        We will work on your dogs leash skills in many different contexts & you will be able to have off leash control at home. Once we have a relationship built and a clear communication system in place, we take them on lots of adventures to different parks & stores to make sure they understand the expectations in different contexts. Some of the commands you can expect your dog to learn with us are sit(implied stay), down(implied stay), place, here(recall), and heel. In addition to working on commands, we will focus heavily on your dog's state of mind and capability to make better decisions. A big part of that is practicing “The Art Of Doing Nothing” so your dogs will be capable of holding a place command for an hour or more!

We will address any (what we consider) minor problem behaviors such as jumping, pulling on the leash or excessive barking. 


        Your dog will learn from the jump, how to be neutral around other dogs and if your dog is interested in interacting with other dogs, we are more than happy to provide them with lots of opportunities to play, however we will never force interactions.  All play time with more than one dog is supervised by two trainers.  If your dog is not interested in interacting with other dogs, that's okay!  We take time every day to get a one-on-one play session in. And if your dog wants to fetch a ball but doesn’t want to bring it back or drop it, we can work on that too!  In addition to working around other dogs daily, your dog will be getting tons of work around free range chickens, bunnies and squirrels! 


        We will work on desensitizing your dog to handling & grooming.  This includes restraint to prepare your dog for vet visits, ear cleaning, teeth checks & nail trims.  Your dog will get a bath, their nails trimmed & ears cleaned before going home at the end of the Camp.


        Any follow up messages, phone calls or lessons after the camp are FREE and we offer a variety of post training options like spa days, daycare days, or boarding when you go away to keep your dogs skills fresh!


        This Camp is $875.00 per week. Payments can be made weekly or bi-weekly with payment in full before the end of the training program. We highly encourage cash or a check.


*This camp is NOT for behavior modification.  Behaviors such as extreme fear, anxiety, reactivity or aggression will be addressed in 6+ week camps only. If you’re not sure if your dog falls under our behavior modification programs, set up an evaluation and we can help!

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