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Meet the Crew


Founder - Certified Trainer


  • Certified Dog Trainer through Animal Behavior College in 2013-2014

  • Trainer at Stateline Canine 2014-2018

  • AKC Star Puppy, CGC, CGC Advanced & CGCU Certified Evaluator 2014

  • Narcotics Detection Team Certification with Grizzly 2018

  • Trainer at On Point K9 2018-2019

  • Multiple seminars led by John Lugo, Joe Cinnante & Forrest Micke 2018

  • Shadow Program under Tyler Muto at Canine Connection 2018

  • CGC with Grizzly

  • K9 CPR & First Aid Certified

  • Started Gypsy K9 Solutions 2020

         Hi, I’m Cole. Dog Trainer and founder of Gypsy K9 Solutions. I have had a connection with animals since i was a child but was not allowed to have dogs growing up. So shortly after I turned 18 and moved out on my own, I found the love of my life, Grizzly the GSD and I never looked back.

         I found out about Animal Behavior College and their dog training program and decided to go for it. I worked a factory job at the time and hated it so I decided to go out to all of the local pet stores to apply and get my foot in the door. It just so happened that I saw a woman working with two K9 Units right next to Pet Smart when I went to apply. I decided to stop and talk with her because I was so fascinated by the work they were doing. Within the next year, she started Stateline Canine and hired me as a trainer.

        After 4 years there I took a job offer in NJ. I worked with several trainers in NJ for about two years and attended as many seminars and shadow programs as I could. While in NJ, I decided I was ready to start my own business and then brought it back home to PA. Gypsy K9 has been running for over 3 years now and thriving more each year. I quickly made a name for myself by helping the “last chance” dogs with aggression, extreme fear and/or anxiety. After a year I brought on my OG, Rachel, and we have been together since.


My husband and I have 5 dogs together.

  • Grizzly- GSD

  • Gunner- GSD/Rottweiler

  • Luna- GSD

  • Crank- American Pitbull Terrier/American Bully

  • Lyra- American Pitbull Terrier


Certified Trainer

  • Trainer at Stateline Canine 2014-2018​

  • AKC Star Puppy, CGC, CGC Advanced & CGCU Certified Evaluator 2014

  • Trainer at On Point K9 2019

  • Ran my own business, Prims Proper K9 training 2019-2021

  • K9 CPR & First Aid Certified

         My name is Rachel Cook and I always knew I wanted to work with animals! I came to the conclusion early on that grooming and medicine were not the fit for me, my dad actually gave me the idea of training while he was overseas working with K9 units. He heard of a trainer, Janet Dooley Edwards, I signed up for her training program. Through that, I was able to help assist with local K9 units for drug and bomb detection as well as search and rescue work. On the pet side, I was able to work with a ton of behavior modification cases. During my time at Stateline I got a working lab, Primrose. I was very interested in the world of dogs and cadaver, so with the help of Janet, I worked on training her to search out human cadaver.

         After stateline, I took a position in New Jersey with On-Point K9. In New Jersey I worked with Nicole and Walter for about 6 months and gained even more knowledge with dog behavior. After this, I traveled back home to start my own business. As I became more invested in a pet training business, I could tell Primrose was very bored. She was meant to be a lower drive dog but ended up becoming a small dog with an overwhelming amount of drive. I could tell she was happiest when hunting. With the help of Nicole, we traveled to Alabama K9 where she was evaluated for police work and bought! The amount of gratitude I have for Prim could never be explained. She taught me some very hard lessons about myself, but she made me a better trainer in every way possible.

         I worked my business, Prims Proper K9 Training, for two years but I always knew I wanted to work with Nicole instead of being a business owner. I Waited for her to come back to PA and get settled into her own business and then in January 2022 i joined the Gypsy K9 team! Towards the end of 2022 I got my english lab puppy, Salem. With Salem I learned how to clicker train and as a puppy we did a ton of free shaping, which was also new to me. He comes to work with me every day so I am able to consistently teach him obedience on and off leash, as well as many tricks! Through him I have learned so many new and fun ways to work with dogs. Salem has captured my heart in ways I didn't think was possible. The bond I formed with him is unlike any other I've experienced. Nicole says he is my “heart dog” and I don't doubt it for a second!

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