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        This camp is tailored to the folks that like to spend their summers at campgrounds with their dogs!


        It is 2 weeks in length however your dogs only stay with us Monday-Friday.


        You will receive daily updates & personalized training videos.


        You will get two, one hour sessions with a trainer each Friday before you take your dog home.

        The two commands we will focus on for this will be place & heel.

        Place will allow your dog to maintain a position while you hang out by your campsite. We will get your dogs used to hanging out on the place while other dogs & people are around/walking by and lots of other high level distractions!

        The heel command will make walks around the campground a lot more enjoyable! We will get your dogs walking nicely by your side with a loose leash as people & dogs pass by.

        This Camp is $1,000 per week. Payments can be made weekly with payment in full before the end of the training program. We highly encourage cash or a check.

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