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        This is the Camp where we have to stay open minded and get a little creative sometimes. Behavior modification cases can include such a wide variety of problems and requires an understanding from you that there is no specific amount of time that will guarantee success.  All behavior modification cases are required to do a minimum of 6 weeks but this will vary!


        We give daily updates and are always open & honest about your dog's progress. As the Camp goes on, we will have a better idea of the length of time required for your dog and the issues at hand.

If we are near the end of the Camp and suggest more than 6 weeks, that does not mean you HAVE to commit to more. We will always give our professional opinion on what we consider to be best for the dog but at the end of the day, it’s your decision!


        We are open to any & all behavior cases but please keep in mind that they all require something a bit different. Upon evaluating your dog, we can gain a lot more insight and have a better idea of what approach we think will work best but guess what? We could be wrong! We may start a certain course of action and decide that it will benefit the dog more if it’s changed to something different.  That’s just the nature of the game.


         You will receive daily updates & personalized training videos but the one-on-one lessons will vary.

If we think that it will not benefit you or your dog to do a lesson and/or go home within the first couple of weeks, we will make you aware and keep your dog over the weekends.


        This Camp is a flat rate of $5,000 even if we have your dog over the weekends or need longer than 6 weeks. Payments can be made weekly with payment in full before the end of the training program. We highly encourage cash or a check.

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